Founder, Sheena

Through diversity we make surprising experiences in order to evolve. Without diversity we loose a lot of practical, hands on experiences required for growth and advancement.

Mental concepts from one observer, who is continuously creating new thoughts, are not diverse. These concepts are based on one focus point, from one consciousness, delivering outcomes that he or she can only imagine. Every person constitutes a whole new dimension of experiences because they have their own thoughts and belief systems, through which they can perceive and experience evolutionary success. Diversity is an important element of our business to capture the essence of every perception.

Sheena Miriam

We are optimists who love to work together

We are a diverse team of internationals with many talents. We work modern style, remotely. Collaboration is key to our success. Occasionally, we are looking for strong candidates and partners. Contact us for more information.


education background

  • BSc. Human Nutrition and Health
  • MSc. Human Nutrition