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Consumer Insights & Consumer Nudging

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Neotrigen | Food Consumer Research

Food Consumer Research

For powerful consumer knowledge, unlock critical insights, and get meaningful feedback for a stronger business approach. Every interaction with your food consumer delivers valuable information and insights.

Food & Nutrition

Transform your food business with custom health enhancement solutions. We elevate your food business with our bespoke health enrichment services. We specialise in crafting sustainable and responsible health initiatives with insights, tailored for food and health products, as well as culinary experiences.

Neotrigen | Food & Nutrition
Neotrigen | Your Success Stories

Your Success Stories

Authentic success stories which showcase unique brand experiences. A key brand differentiator is the customer experience, and it is proven to exceed price and product.

Your potential customers value great feedback through the success stories we have created.


We uncover new insights from the attitudes, behaviors, and relationships that shape the daily lives of your consumers, allowing us to discover what connects people with brands.

  • Capture the moments that matter.
  • Discover touchpoints that stick.
  • Strengthen interactions with your customers.
  • Create cohesion and meaning.
Creating a new experience starts with perception.
Sheena Miriam

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