Food Consumer Research

Knowing your customers

Food consumer research provides you with specific information about the food consumer to be able to:


  • Predict how the market will change.
  • Identify new market segments.
  • Develop new products.
  • Refocus your marketing strategies and
  • Understand the consumer’s buying decisions.

    The insights you gain from understanding how food consumers decide to purchase or reject a product, fill the gap in the food market to provide extraordinary services or experiences to the consumer. Any interaction with your food consumer delivers valuable information and knowledge.


In the research proces we can i.e.

  • Uncover food consumer behavior, psychographics, hedonic evaluations, etc.
  • Discover the processes of consumer food choice.
  • Interact effectively with your consumers.
  • Develop strategies that would be more likely to bring about change in people’s food habits.
  • Deliver diet and food related messages.
  • Unravel the consumers’ why, when, how, and with whom.
Neotrigen | Food Consumer Research

Tools to identify consumer characteristics

We use the latest technology to identify the characteristics shared by a group of consumers to achieve actionable insights, strategies you can use in your business today i.e. focus groups to discover new knowledge or deeper insights to provide information for your marketing materials, how your consumers experience your brand, where you can make an influence and how.

You will get a full report and presentation

Food consumers are more discerning than ever before, they make decisions based on their awareness and consciousness of your band identity. We help you convey this knowledge into actionable insights.


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Neotrigen | Food Consumer Insights & Nudging
Neotrigen | Project Proposal & Food Consumer Insights

We can help your company with food consumer research

During the pandemic, food consumers have spent time reflecting on their belief systems and values. Post pandemic, a sense of advocacy, control and cohesion of their environment becomes more important in times of financial insecurity and uncertainty. Their expectations go beyond brand words and promises. Consumer trends 2024 indicate that consumers are looking for responsibility and trustworthiness to commit to a brand, and they will require the evidence of progress in health, environmental and ethical commitments in all aspects. 

We can help you to i.e. identify their motivation for decision making, and convey this information through your consumer touch points.